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The Hottest New Signs

Three new sign-types will separate you from the crowd.

Have you noticed that the signs that catch your eye most often are LED displays?  Signs like LED billboard displays.

Gaining attention gains you customers.

You can gain the advantages of LED faces on your new signs.

These signs are better-looking, cost less, and use less energy.

They are LetterLites™ LED Channel Letter faces (Left) and PinLights™ LED Cabinet Sign faces (Right.)  Click on the images to learn about these exciting new concepts.

Also go to our "SpectraLites™ & LED" page  under Channel Letter Lighting Choices to learn about back-lighted Channel Letter faces that automatically change colors.  There is a video so you can see them in action.

Patents Pending.

BIG Business Booster

There is no question that LED electronic message centers are the business signage communication wave of the future.  Local advertising has never been cheaper because of them.

Every business has a need to promote special events, sales, sponsorships, etc.; either at their business location and/or at local sports events, parades, church and school events.

The LED Sled Portable LED Message Center TrailerIf your business is not located where you can have a permanent messaging sign, or you need to advertise at multiple locations (like the kid's soccer game), the question is, HOW?

This question has been answered with “The LED Sled™” pictured here, Signs Manufacturing’s new portable self-powered LED electronic message center and video display.

Local businesses have never before been able to be so creative, to think so far outside the box to gain a competitive advertising advantage.

“To rent, or to own, THAT is the question.” (sorry Shakespeare.)  How often do you need to promote your business?

If you are a multi-location business you need to own one of these!  Some location ALWAYS has special needs or opportunities.  Or a new store under construction.

If you’re not in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex you absolutely need to own one because you are too far away for us to rent you one!

Visit our “Message Center Rental” or “Portable Sign Sales” pages under “Message Centers” for details.

Recent Projects

Here are a few projects that we have JUST completed:

Deja Vu Kids Channel Letter Sign with Backplate in Dallas by Signs Manufacturing, Dallas, TX Oscar Delta channel letter sign with channel box and backplate in Forney by Signs Manufacturing of Dallas TX

Unique Lighted Pole Sign. Chopstick Design with PinLights(TM)

Unique Lighted Pole Sign. Chopstick Design with PinLights(TM)

Momentum Metals creative pole sign, Hudson Oaks, TX Legends Sports Bar lighted channel letters on a backplate in Highland Village, TX by Signs Manufacturing, Dallas, Texas. Conecsus pan faced aluminum sign by Signs Manufacturing of Dallas TX

Deja Vu Kids

Dallas, TX

Oscar Delta

Forney, TX


Dallas, TX

Momentum Metals

Hudson Oaks, TX

Legends Sports Bar

Highland Village, TX


Terrell, TX

Channel Letters with Backplate Bold Channel Letter Sign with Backplate and Channel Box Unique Lighted Pole Sign. Chopstick Design with PinLights(TM) Creative Lighted Pole Sign Reverse Channel Letters on a Backplate Unlit Aluminum Pan Sign


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Occasionally Signs Manufacturing will have excess production on certain sign types, or discounts on installation or service exceeding our standard LIFETIME WARRANTY 20% discount.

Or, we have information about Signs Manufacturing Corporation, or the sign industry, we would like to share.

If you would like to be informed of these specials by email, click on the "Newsletter & Blog " tab to the left, and send us your contact information or subscribe to our RSS feed.

If you are not old enough to have piloted a business during the late 1970's, and depending on what our future brings, you might appreciate our Blog about inflation.  It is written from the knowledge-base of our senior Watson, who did, and another of the family members, who has a SMU degree in finance.

Just for Fun

Go to our "Not-so-Good Signs" tab on our "Sign Design Center" page to witness Signs Manufacturing's "The Not-so-Good Signs, the Bad, Ugly, Stupid & Dumb Signs" Awards Contest!  You can also view the world's most expensive (to purchase and to feed) animated message center.

Signs Manufacturing Corporation, and Signs Manufacturing and Maintenance Corporation are both proud sponsors of promoting creative artistry in lighted signs.  Visit the website to view unique, artful signs by sign companies located in the United States.

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