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As we monitor sign code issues around the country, one of the most frequent challenges ISA encounters is the issue of brightness and Electronic Message Centers (EMCs). Communities often want to regulate EMC brightness which, if not done properly, can make these kinds of signs less effective.

That’s why ISA developed EMC Night-time Brightness Recommendations to guide local officials on the responsible and effective use of these innovative signs.

Over the past few years, more than 150 cities across the country have adopted ISA’s recommendations in-whole or in-part, making it easier for sign and visual communications companies to use this tool to better serve end users. The research upon which these recommendations are based was conducted by Dr. Ian Lewin, a leading lighting expert with more than 30 years of experience in the lighting industry.

“With so many cities across the country focusing on digital brightness issues, this has been a great opportunity for the sign and visual communications industry to provide useful and easy-to-understand information on what can be a controversial and complex issue,” said David Hickey, ISA vice president of government relations. “In many ways, local officials are in the dark when it comes to knowing how EMCs work and how to optimize their effectiveness. These recommendations can and have been used many times to help provide answers to these problems, to everyone’s satisfaction.”

If your local officials are discussing regulating EMCs, EMC Night-time Brightness Recommendations is a great starting point. Other popular resources include:


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