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Storefront Floodlights

The purpose of your sign is twofold; first, to attract attention to your business, secondly, to identify it.

There are also other ways to attract attention, making your business even more successful.

Ask your salesman for details on Storefront Lighting Systems™, border-outline lighting, window lights, and façade lights.


Storefront Lighting

Storefront lighting draws attention to the store, highlights and compliments architectural features.

Indirect lighting is welcoming to customers and enhances the enjoyment of the nighttime environment.

Floodlights and other lighting should be hidden or shielded to avoid glare.

Decorative fixtures like façade uplighting accent the storefront and enhance architectural details.

Storefront signs and lighting should be well lit and stay on past store closing to activate the street.

Awnings Containing Storefront Lighting Systems

Awnings project a unique store brand, highlight a building's architecture, and provide cover for pedestrians entering your store.

When awnings are utilized, they should accent the top edge of ground floor windows and doorframes.

Awnings should project no more than six feet from the building and should be mounted at least eight feet above the sidewalk.  Some Cities requirements are strict on this.

Awnings should be constructed of high quality materials.  The use of vinyl or other plastic materials is not recommended.  They quickly become stained and discolored and detract from the appearance of the storefront.

Concealed up-lighting can illuminate the building facade and sign-band enhancing the building architecture.

Storefront Lighting Systems™ can be concealed in awnings.  Visit our Showroom and see how.

Under-awning lights can be used to illuminate the sidewalk and lower storefront.

Internally illuminated awnings should not be used.  They project a "cheap" image, especially as they quickly stain and discolor.

Outline Border Lighting for Buildings

Whether LED or neon, buildings outlined in accent lighting stand out as landmarks.

Recognition.  The advertising goal of every business, large or small.

There are many varied "looks" possible, with varying associated costs.

Neon, and computer-controlled LED lighting are the mediums usually used.

We will discuss all of these with you as we design your lighting.

The Signs Manufacturing Sales Team

No matter what types of signs you are interested in, our sales team, consisting of 11 highly-trained individuals, is at your beck and call.

Let us meet with you in your office, or at your new signs location, or home, or anywhere.

You will probably have a firm quotation for what you want during our meeting; certainly no more than a day later.

Visit Our Unique Sign & Lighting Laboratory and

LED Video Display Showroom

Unique in the entire sign industry, Signs Manufacturing™ built an 85’ by 50’ (over 4,000 sq ft) indoor sign lighting laboratory for testing the longevity, visibility, and effectiveness of all the lighted signs we manufacture.

We have opened our laboratory to the public, for FREE, adding an LED Video Display Showroom because we realized how important one would be to consumers.

If you are considering purchasing an LED Video Display or Digital LED Message Center sign this exclusive opportunity will be particularly important.  You must determine which LED spacing is best, so that your sign will be successful, considering how you will use it.  Therefore, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, and 19 mm 4+billion-color LED Video Display signs are always available for you to compare to monochrome or 4-thousand-shade display signs (also on display.)  Also on display are an economical fixed-message Full-color LED Message Center sign and a fully self-contained, self-powered portable LED Sign trailer, the LED Sled™.

We invite you to observe all types of lighting and signage, viewing them up close as well as from a distance, under varying light conditions (and stay out of the weather while doing so!)

  • Storefront Lighting Systems™
  • Computer-controlled full-color, programmable, building lighting.
  • Storefront Lighting.
  • Facade Lighting.
  • Awning designs.
  • Neon and LED building accent lighting.
  • Wall-wash back-lighting for all types of signs.
  • Channel letter signs, both neon and LED lighted.
  • Letterlites™ channel letter signs.
  • Twinkling Letterlites™ channel letter signs.
  • SpectraLites™ Color-changing channel letter signs.
  • Reverse channel letter signs.
  • Cloud signs.
  • Channel letter signs with backplates.
  • Raceways and wireways.
  • Cabinet signs, fluorescent, HID, or LED lighted.
  • Neon color selection.
  • Brighter Signs™ neon.
  • SolarBrite™ LED lighting.
  • LED color selection.
  • Pinlights™ signs.
  • Pylon signs.
  • Pole signs.
  • Masonry Monument signs.
  • Routed sign faces for all types of signs.
  • Digitally printed and cut vinyl decorated sign faces for all types of signs.
  • Acrylic-faced signs.
  • Lexan®-faced signs.
  • Flex-faced cabinet signs.
  • Push-thru lettering.
  • Pin-mounted letters.
  • Acrylic and Lexan color selection.
  • Vinyl color selection
  • PMS color selection.
  • Paint color selection (32,807 colors.)

  • Free Grand Opening Package.
  • ...and more.

We invite you to observe all types of signage, viewing them up close as well as from a distance, under varying light conditions (and stay out of the weather while doing so!)

Custom Neil's Garage Interior Neon Sign Typhoon Neon Interior SignWill your Sodium Vapor or Metal Halide parking lot lights affect the colors of your sign at night?  How visible will your pylon sign’s border neon be during the day?  Should you consider PinLights™, LetterLites™, SpectraLites™, or Trembler™ signsBrighter Signs™ neon or SolarBrite™ LED lighting for channel letter signsFluorescent or HID lighting for your monument sign?  Do Daylight or Cool White fluorescents make your sign’s colors look best?

No one else, sign company or not, can offer you this unique opportunity.  Be sure to take advantage.  Your business will be better because you do.

Showroom Specials

Sometimes it really pays to shop.

As an additional enticement to coax you into our showroom, and also smooth our manufacturing flow, we periodically have limited Specials only available "in-store;" even unannounced to our sales team.

They are based on opportunities in our production scheduling.  If we tell our salespeople in advance they collectively sell too many, causing other problems!

Specials are always for a specific type of custom-built sign with a large variety of available options, but a very limited quantity, and first-come-first-served.

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Better Business Bureau A+ Rating Sign Company BBB A+ Rating

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