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Truck Fail | You Should Be Able To Trust Your Sign Company



June 29, 2015

You Should Be Able To Trust Your Sign Company

This scene is from a sign company install in the North. I do not know the name of the company and wouldn’t want to jump their case even if I did. Nobody’s perfect and everybody makes mistakes. However, that brings up an important point regarding your sign company.

You Should Be Able To Trust Your Sign Company!

When you order a sign you should have a reasonable expectation that the sign will be completed in the timeframe quoted, that the price should remain the same and not have add-ons, that the sign should look the way it was presented, that it works properly, that it is as bright as advertised (if it’s lighted) and that it continues to look good for years to come.

Let’s face it, business owners have enough to worry about. They don’t need to worry about their sign too!

So when you’re shopping for a sign company, go with one that:

  • has been building signs for awhile (at least 10 years),
  • has a history of quality work (see examples of THEIR work),
  • ANSWERS THEIR PHONE (this is a biggie),
  • has more than one truck,
  • is licensed, and
  • builds its own signs.

Naturally, it’s impossible to eliminate every conceivable issue that may arise with a new sign job, but if you follow these steps you’ll greatly reduce the likelihood of having problems or being dissatisfied with your sign ordering experience.

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Sign Service Request App | It’s Finally Here For The iPhone!

It’s taken longer than expected but the Sign Service Request App is finally here!

Main Screen Contact Info Settings

Sign Service Request on iPhone

Sign Service Request on Android







Use this app to easily take a photo of your sign and automatically send it in for a service request.

Make it easy on yourself! If your business sign is not working properly, simply use this app to snap up to four photos of your sign and with one click send them in to Signs Manufacturing for a service call. Signs Manufacturing will send you a confirmation, an estimated date of service (in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas metroplex) and then send a Technician to repair your sign.

Don’t worry about over-the-top charges. You will receive a quotation for anything that is not a standard service call before that work is performed.

Location services must be turned ON so that we know the location that the photo was taken.

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