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Avoid Cloud-Based Sign Software At All Costs

Why does Signs Manufacturing AVOID CLOUD BASED SIGN SOFTWARE?  This is one of the many reasons why!

Porn hack raises questions regarding OS and digital signage security

June 1, 2017 | by Jeff Hastings

This past week, the media’s been abuzz with the recent hacking of digital signage kiosks in Washington D.C.’s Union Station. The simple fact that adult-oriented content was displayed nefariously in a public space frequented by people of all ages is cause for concern. And while this particular incident makes for catchy headlines, it underscores the (often overlooked) importance of security. Failure to take necessary security precautions leaves digital signage networks…for lack of a better term…exposed.

Truth be told, unauthorized access of signage networks happens more frequently than you may think – and certainly more frequently than is reported in the media. The reality is that most digital signage is now connected to the internet in one way or another – either to pull real-time content or for the purpose of remote network management. Internet connectivity leaves signage networks vulnerable, and software is the only deterrent that stands in the way of hackers.

All too often, standard consumer operating systems such as Android, Mac OS, Windows and Chrome OS are used to drive signage networks. And while consumer OS solutions are easy to implement and feature rich, they are notoriously difficult to protect. These operating systems are constantly updated as their publishers add new functionality and bug fixes. Each of these updates creates a new potential backdoor for hackers to exploit to gain access to the network. So unless network administrators and software vendors are constantly looking for and shutting down these backdoors as they’re created, hackers will find a way in.

For years I’ve preached the advantages of purpose-build digital signage over traditional signage solutions. Here is yet another example of how hardware and software with the sole purpose of powering digital signage hold a significant advantage over consumer-oriented operating system solutions. Proprietary operating systems that are built solely for digital signage far surpass consumer-oriented operating systems in their approach to security. A proven security platform that can be utilized in this proprietary operating system approach is one that is widely used in the broadcast industry. This approach allows for the content to be hardware-encrypted which enables an extra layer of security so that the content is real-time decrypted with customer-specific security keys in the processor at the time of delivery to the display.

The silver lining emerging from the Union Station incident is that it spotlights the importance of secure software within the digital signage ecosystem. Each notable security breach presents an opportunity for proprietors and vendors to reassess their signage infrastructure to ensure they aren’t at risk for the embarrassment and disruption of a compromised network.

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Hackers in Atlanta Put Naked Man on LED Sign

Road signs are usually the target of hackers looking to get a little creative. They’ll hack into the road signs and put up messages about everything from zombie invasions to politically charged warnings. This time it was a private company that got hacked.

Naked Man on LED Sign


In May a hacker got into the billboard programming software of a company called Monumedia. They posted up an obscene image of a naked man (it gets worse than that, but for the purposes of this article let’s just say he was naked) on a billboard in Buckhead, Atlanta.

Shocking? Well, that’s what they’re going for.

As you may expect, some viewers were so upset by the image that they called the police. The police couldn’t really do anything about it other than try and find the owners and let them know they had to change the image.

The FBI was sent in to investigate and also determined that some other electronic LED signs owned by Yesco across the United States were also hacked.

As it turns out, security expert Dan Tentler has been trying to work with Yesco to secure their system as he has identified a clear loophole in their sign programming network that would allow this very incident. Yesco has turned him away.

Tentler has pointed out that Yesco, as well as many sign companies, use “cloud” software which keeps everything online, allowing their system to easily be hacked. Plus, they use very simplistic passwords that are easily bypassed.

Sunburst LED Signs has always steered clear of cloud software for several reasons.  One biggie is how easy they are to be hacked. The last thing a business needs is a vulgar display from an immature hacker on the front of its building!

Of course, the other reason to not use cloud software is that you are tied to that company. If you bought your sign from Yesco, and they go out of business, your sign is now worthless. Or what if they get on board with the Microsoft way of doing business and decide to start charging you $500/month to use their cloud? Now that sign that you bought and paid for is worthless, unless you pay them an additional $500/month.

Do your research, protect your systems, and make sure you go with a sign that isn’t going to one day have a naked man on it disgusting your potential customers and getting you in legal trouble.

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Truck Fail | You Should Be Able To Trust Your Sign Company



June 29, 2015

You Should Be Able To Trust Your Sign Company

This scene is from a sign company install in the North. I do not know the name of the company and wouldn’t want to jump their case even if I did. Nobody’s perfect and everybody makes mistakes. However, that brings up an important point regarding your sign company.

You Should Be Able To Trust Your Sign Company!

When you order a sign you should have a reasonable expectation that the sign will be completed in the timeframe quoted, that the price should remain the same and not have add-ons, that the sign should look the way it was presented, that it works properly, that it is as bright as advertised (if it’s lighted) and that it continues to look good for years to come.

Let’s face it, business owners have enough to worry about. They don’t need to worry about their sign too!

So when you’re shopping for a sign company, go with one that:

  • has been building signs for awhile (at least 10 years),
  • has a history of quality work (see examples of THEIR work),
  • ANSWERS THEIR PHONE (this is a biggie),
  • has more than one truck,
  • is licensed, and
  • builds its own signs.

Naturally, it’s impossible to eliminate every conceivable issue that may arise with a new sign job, but if you follow these steps you’ll greatly reduce the likelihood of having problems or being dissatisfied with your sign ordering experience.

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Woman Survives Four Ton LED Sign Falling On Her In London


Woman Survives Four Ton LED Sign Falling On Her In London


A pedestrian in her thirties is ‘lucky to be alive’ after a 20ft wide digital billboard weighing four tonnes came crashing down on top of her just days after it was installed.

The woman, who is believed to have been walking to work while on her phone, was hit by the huge metal advertising hoarding after it broke free from a wall and fell 20ft during the early rush hour.

Witnesses in Tooting described hearing a ‘thunderous noise’ and buildings ‘shook’ as the sign pinned the woman’s body to the floor – but missed her head. 

It came as pedestrians were urged to watch out after another sign fell on the same day, on the same street, with some blaming the ‘shudder’ from the initial 

Last night shop hoarding crashed into the pavement just 20 yards from where after a four-tonne metal billboard smashed on to a pedestrian.  



Scroll down for video 


Tragedy: A pedestrian in her thirties has been seriously injured after she was crushed by a falling digital billboard in Tooting, south London


Tragedy: A pedestrian in her thirties has been seriously injured after she was crushed by a falling digital billboard in Tooting, south London


Scene: The sign, measuring around 20ft by 10ft,  was fixed to the wall above this charity shop and fell about 20ft downwards on to the woman

Drama: Witnesses in Tooting, south London, described hearing a 'thunderous noise' and buildings 'shook' as the sign pinned the woman's body to the floor - but missed her head


Drama: Witnesses in Tooting, south London, described hearing a ‘thunderous noise’ and buildings ‘shook’ as the sign pinned the woman’s body to the floor – but missed her head

Worrying: Just yards from where the billboard fell another shop hoarding dropped to the ground last night


Worrying: Just yards from where the billboard fell another shop hoarding dropped to the ground last night

Giant 20ft long advertising billboard falls on woman in Tooting

One man, who lives nearby on Mitcham Road and did not want to be named, said he thought it was displaying a Sky advert.

He said: ‘They started to put it up on Sunday night and I remember them having to close the road off to do it’.

However, other residents of the South London street where it fell say it had not yet been switched on, adding they feared it was not correctly fitted.


Clear Channel, the advertising company that installed the board, is now investigating the 39 other digital signs that were rolled out towards the end of last year over concerns of their safety. 

People ran across the street and from houses to comfort the woman as she lay trapped on the floor in the minutes before the emergency services arrived.

Bricks and cement also rained down on the seriously injured victim, who remained conscious throughout, and was then rushed to the nearby St George’s Hospital.

15 Ft Tall Stack of Confusing Signs

15-foot tall stack of confusing parking notices reduced by half

 at 10:43 am Mon, Aug 25, 2014

The mayor of Culver City, CA thought the above parking sign was too confusing, so she quickly remedied the problem:


Isn’t that better?


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Is This Sign Made With Electrical Tape?

Electrician Tape Sign?


The graphics on this brand new sign were flapping in the wind. So much that I’m not really sure what the name of this business is! Are these letters made with electricians tape?

I almost don’t want to put a link to my sign company on this post because I’m afraid people will associate my company with this sign.  But … I’ll do it anyways …

This sign was NOT built by Signs Manufacturing & Maintenance Corporation


Colon Hydrotherapy Parking In Rear

Therapy Sign


Be careful when you choose what your sign is going to say. You may end up offending your customers … or maybe just making them laugh.


Euthanasia in Christianity?

Let's not go to extremes here!

Let’s not go to extremes here!


Sometimes you need to step back and look at your message BEFORE you put it out there!  Remember, a good sign brings people in but a bad sign drives them away.

A Sign That Victoria’s Secret Has Really Gone Downhill!

Victoria’s Secret has really gone downhill!


Navarre Taco Bell Suffers Fire Damage

Navarre Taco Bell suffers fire damage

Friday, 28 June 2013
Written by Shelby Smithey

WEB Taco-Bell-en-fuego

The Taco Bell in Navarre suffered about $100,000 damage when a fire broke out just after 3 p.m. last Friday in the front area of the restaurant located at 8714 Navarre Pkwy.

No one was injured in the fire, and all Taco Bell employees and patrons were able to exit the building safely without incident.

Flames engulfed the upper front of the building as firefighters from Navarre Beach Fire Department, Midway Fire District and Holley-Navarre Fire District worked to stop the fire.

Early reports from Taco Bell employees were that the fire started when someone tossed a cigarette into a flowerbed with mulch in the front of the restaurant, which then caught fire and spread up the front of the building.

The State Fire Marshall’s report, however, indicates that the fire was caused by an unknown electrical issue. The fire has been ruled accidental, and caused an estimated $100,000 in damage, according to Anna Alexopoulos, press secretary of the State Fire Marshall’s Office in Tallahassee.

Original Article at Navarre Press