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Lifetime* Wall Cabinet Sign Warranty

LIFETIME WARRANTYIf ANY part of our electric wall sign fails in the first year of service, if properly supplied with power, Signs Manufacturing™ will provide BOTH parts and service (if we installed the sign) FREE OF CHARGE.

Much longer with our available Extended Warranty plans.

Some of our plans have three-year or six-year parts and service warranties.  Some warranties can literally last Forever™.  Ask for details.

Plus, Signs Manufacturing™ warrants electric signs we both manufacture and install with a LIFETIME* service warranty.  This warranty reduces our normal labor rates 20%, even if only lamps need replacing, forever.  And, it is transferable at no additional cost!

Additionally, ballasts and transformers are guaranteed by our Suppliers for at least two years, most vinyl for five years and most plastics for five to ten years.

* See our complete warranty for full details.

Signs Manufacturing™ is insured, registered, licensed and bonded per City and State regulations, and Worker's Compensation and carries product liability insurance.

"We bought our sign from a great guy.  Unfortunately he died, and now our warranty is worthless because his business closed.  No family to continue the tradition.  Fix our sign."

Maurice Feldman, Pine Creek Cleaners

Zap Protection™

Optional Electrical Surge and Lightning Protection

Electrical surges on a sign’s incoming power supply, and lightning strikes, are not covered by any manufacturer’s warranty, and they are common in Texas.

As technology has moved us from the use of electrical components such as core-and-coil ballasts to electronic components, primarily to reduce power consumption, the susceptibility of a sign to damage from electrical power surges or lightning strikes has increased dramatically.  Old-style electrical components are simply no longer available in most cases.

Signs Manufacturing™ offers surge and lightning Zap Protection™, at a reasonable additional cost, adding components to signs to lower the potential for damage from an occurrence.

150 VRMS clamping volts for ground, 310 VRMS for line.  Maximum surge current 100,000 amps, 0-400 Hz, UL Listed.

Zap Insurance™

Electrical Surge/Lightning Insurance

Unfortunately no surge/lightning protection system is 100% effective.

Your property insurance should cover this eventuality.  But if it doesn’t, we will cover this continuing risk with optional electrical surge/lightning Zap Insurance™, available for signs which have our electrical surge/lightning Zap Protection™ (above) installed.

If a Zap Insured™ sign is damaged by either electrical surge or lightning strike we cover all costs of repair, up to and including replacing the entire sign if it is destroyed by an occurrence.

"Surge damage is not covered under our warranty and when we suspect surge we charge for the replacement parts...We found the internal fuse…had blown."

Laura *******, Customer Service Supervisor, *** Signs  (Rather than return warranted parts to service with new fuses, or let us replace fuses, they charge the customer for new parts.)

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Better Business Bureau A+ Rating Sign Company BBB A+ Rating

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