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The Many Considerations When Buying an LED Display

  • long-term cost - very important, as poorly built signs will cost you a fortune in the long run

  • repairable - if there is ever a problem you need it fixed as soon as possible

  • reliability - if it’s not working properly, it's not working at all

  • brightness - why pay for a sign that isn’t seen?

  • ability to reach technical support - if you need help getting it to work, you need it NOW, not three weeks later

  • ideal resolution for your viewing distance - if the sign looks choppy and pixelated then it is not effectively advertising for you

  • graphics and text clearly shown - the sign must effectively convey your message to its viewers

  • uniform color and brightness - most signs cannot be adjusted, leaving a very poor looking “patchwork” sign

  • up-front cost - how much it costs you to purchase the sign

  • smooth animations and video - a poorly designed sign will have choppy animations and transition effects

  • easy to program - it should be simple and straightforward to program

Sunburst LED Signs - What Does It Have?


Color(s) Full Color, Red or Amber
Display Capability 4,000 shades or 4+ billion colors
Matrix Varies by size
SolarBrite™ LEDs Yes
Balanced Array™ Exposed LED Sign 6, 8, or 10 mm
Classic™ Series Exposed Pixel-Cluster Sign II, III, VI, X
SMD Enclosed Pixel-Cluster LED Sign 8 or 10 mm
Balanced Array™ Monochrome Exposed LED Sign 10 mm
LEDs per square foot Seven Options Available: 2747, 2344, 1545, 1462, 1073, 930, 687
Resolution (Pixels per Square Foot) Seven Options Available: 9376, 5848, 3720, 640, 525, 362, 232
Viewing Angles (Horizontal and Vertical) 170° horizontally, 90° vertically
Display Type Retainer faces or bleed faces
Impact-Resistant, Flame-Proof, UV-Protected Faces and Glare Shields Individual shields and curved
Minimum Character Size Varies by Resolution and Type
(Balanced Array™ or Classic)
Time and Temperature Option Included
Automatic Brightness Control Yes
Automatic Temperature Protection Yes
Computer Link Type Wi-Fi
Open Architecture Programming Software Yes
Automatic Error Reporting Available
Individual LED Brightness/Hue Adjustment Yes
Both Superior™ and Enhanced™ Operating Modes Yes
Text/Graphics Capability Both
Text-over-Image Yes
Preprogrammed Fonts Yes
Animation Yes
Slideshow Playback Yes
Video Yes
Clip-Art Yes
Double-faced Sign Single/Double Programming Options Yes
Group Links Optional
Programming via Internet Option Available
Multiple Power Ventilation - Thermostat-controlled Yes
64 GB Non-volatile Memory Yes
No Internal Computer - Processor Only - Does Not Operate on "Windows" Yes
SolarGuard™ Protection Yes
Lumabrite™ Protection - Self-Cleaning Faces Yes
Power Requirement 220v 1ph in most cases
Overvoltage, Low Voltage, Spike, Brownout Electrical Protection Yes
Free Programming - Preprogrammed Yes
Double-faced Signs Manufactured Enclosed In Single Cabinet: Available
All Aluminum Exterior Metal Yes
Structural Steel Interior Frame Yes
CNC Precision Manufacturing Yes
Vacuum Ceramic Microsphere Shield Yes
Painted with Signlux Paint System™ Yes - 32,807 color choices
US Military Specification Electrical Insulating Coating  (MIL-I-46058C) Yes
H2ORepel™ Interior Waterproof Coating Yes
All components will be new. Yes
All fasteners will be galvanized or non-corrosive. Yes
24 hour Temperature Rise Tested (ANSI/UL 5.2) Yes
24 hour Electrical Usage and Stability Tested (ANSI/UL 5.5) Yes
Gasket Aging Tested (ANSI/UL 5.7) Yes
Gasket Adhesion Tested (ANSI/UL 5.8) Yes
Exclusion of Water Tested (ANSI/UL 5.9) Yes
Hi-Pot Tested while the Sign is Wet (ANSI/UL 5.3) Yes
Bond Impedance Tested (ANSI/UL 5.1) Yes
Electronics Input Tested (ANSI/UL 8.2) Yes
Electronics Humidity Tested (ANSI/UL 8.12.1) Yes
EMI and EMC Tested   (IEC/EN 61000-4-1 thru 6-4) Yes
Hi Temperature Tested  (Mil Std. 883) Yes
Altitude Tested  (Mil Std. 810) Yes
Dielectric Voltage Withstand Tested  (ASTM D149-09) Yes
UL or ETL Listing Mark Yes
Warranty LIFETIME* Warranty
Zap Protection™ Available
Zap Insurance™ Available
“Partial” and “Final” Lien Releases to insure that Customers are never personally liable for Materials and Labor debts Yes
$3,000,000 General Liability Insurance Yes
Product Liability Insurance Yes


How Does a Sunburst Sign Compare To Other Brands?

LED Sign Company Comparison


Which Model Sunburst Sign Is Right For Me?

Don't get sold the cheapest thing on the market. Sometimes a low resolution sign is the right move, but usually it's not. Plus, you pay a lot more for those low resolution displays than you would for a higher resolution one.

Take a look a the chart to the right. You can see how the number of LEDs in the sign really jumps up ... but the price doesn't!  You get a lot more for your advertising dollar with a higher resolution sign.

Be sure to ask our Representative which resolution is ideal for your situation. We will take into consideration the viewing angle, viewing distance, type of messages you would like to put on the sign, the size of the sign, the City ordinance, and many, many more factors. Then we'll make a recommendation.

Plus, we'll give you OPTIONS and explain what the differences are.

Not only that, but we'll show you the differences!

Our showroom has SIX different models of LED signs for you to review and see for yourself what your new sign will look like!

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Better Business Bureau A+ Rating Sign Company BBB A+ Rating

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