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Electrical for Pole Signs or Pylon Signs

Palm Harbor Homes, Dallas, TexasOur illuminated pole or pylon signs are manufactured and installed to Underwriters Laboratories, National Electrical Code (National Fire Protection Association), and City Code standards using UL components and either "High Output" 800MA fluorescent or H.I.D. lighting; depending on the size and shape of the signs, component cost, and the resulting electrical consumption.

H.I.D. lamps in our signs are screened by proprietary lamp diffuser panels so that the sign faces light evenly.

"High Output" fluorescent burn brighter than standard fluorescent, and most importantly burn evenly in cold weather.  H.I.D. lighting does not dim as much as fluorescent in cold weather.  Both will light a sign equally when properly installed.

NEWUnderwriters Laboratory logoElectronic fluorescent ballasts use less than half the energy of standard ballasts, and have proven their reliability.  This is why we now use them!

The fluorescent and H.I.D. ballast's used by Signs Manufacturing™ feature a TWO-YEAR warranty.

Every ballast is individually fused to prevent one failed component from costing more in repairs than is necessary.

Each fluorescent ballast also has a high-heat switch that automatically turns the ballast off until it cools to a safe operating temperature, important in preventing fires.

Leather Center, Richardson, TexasWe test each ballast on every secondary wire to insure proper cathode heating voltage on the Rapid-Start Circuit.  If this test is not performed, even though the lamps may light, they may not last 3 months. (We also perform this test when we install new lamps in a customers used sign.)

To insure the electrical integrity of our signs, each lamp socket is individually tested to insure that it has been properly wired, since it is possible to wire a sign improperly and still have the lamps light (for a short time).  We also test every competitors sign when we perform maintenance for the first time.

Electrical sockets for vertical fluorescent tubes are protected from water damage with "H" washers on each tube.

A Signs Manufacturing™ sign's total wiring system is tested by a "Hi-Pot" test which insures that there are no wires which MAY short-out at a later date by testing them now with ten times their operating voltage.

If neon is incorporated into the sign, glass neon electrode housings are employed wherever possible to increase reliability and improve the appearance of the sign.

To help prevent fires, the National Electric Code and Underwriters Laboratory require that all large signs containing neon use ground-fault protected neon transformers.

To function their best, these transformers need their electrical circuit to have a grounding conductor.  All modern buildings have them. These transformers also require a dedicated common wire so that other devices, like a refrigerator turning “on”, on the same wire circuit does not turn your GFI transformers “off.”  If your building is not wired properly you will want to have it corrected, so that your sign will work reliably. 

Signs Manufacturing™ uses "France" standard neon transformers because unlike ALL other transformers these U.S. manufactured transformers contain a "Smart" microprocessor that automatically tries to reset the ground-fault before shutting down the transformer.  If the fault was only momentary, the transformer will remain "on," illuminating your sign.  These transformers also automatically reset when their power is turned off and then back on.  They offer our customers the greatest opportunity to avoid service calls.

Our newly-developed energy-saving in-series transformers also contain “Smart” microprocessors.  The related costs of the two different types of transformers with neon lighting, as well as LED lighting, is explained under our "Neon/LED Energy" tab under our "Lighting Choices" tab.

Each neon transformer is warranted for two years from its manufacturing date.

Translux high-voltage silicone-insulated wire will be used during neon installation, even though it is four times more expensive than some neon wire, to insure against transformer “nuisance tripping”, arcing, fires, and potential service calls caused by neon transformer outputs as high as 15,000 volts.

Glass tube/wire supports and porcelain insulators will be used because they do not degrade over time, unlike the plastic and clay components used by some.

LEDs are  very sensitive to voltage.  The power supplies we use to power LEDs provide internal overvoltage, low voltage, spike and brownout protection for the sign.  Many manufacturers do not.

Zap Protection™

Optional Electrical Surge and Lightning Protection

Electrical surges on a sign’s incoming power supply, and lightning strikes, are not covered by any manufacturer’s warranty, and they are common in Texas.

As technology has moved us from the use of electrical components such as core-and-coil ballasts to electronic components, primarily to reduce power consumption, the susceptibility of a sign to damage from electrical power surges or lightning strikes has increased dramatically.  Old-style electrical components are simply no longer available in most cases.

Signs Manufacturing™ offers surge and lightning Zap Protection™, at a reasonable additional cost, adding components to signs to lower the potential for damage from an occurrence.

150 VRMS clamping volts for ground, 310 VRMS for line.  Maximum surge current 100,000 amps, 0-400 Hz, UL Listed.

 Pole Sign Pole Sign Pole Sign Pole Sign Pole Sign Pole Sign Pole Sign

Please stop by and see all of these products displayed in our unique Sign Lighting Laboratory and Display Showroom.

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