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Outdoor & Indoor Texas Sign Company

Building, installing and servicing quality custom signs world-wide, from D/FW, since 1979.

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Guaranteed Highest Quality ... Guaranteed Lowest Price™

The Signs Manufacturing On-Location Personalized Service

No matter what types of signs you are interested in, our Sales, and Design Teams, consisting of 13 highly-trained individuals, are at your beck and call.  Free Estimates on SignsLet us meet with you in your office, or at your new sign location, or home, or anywhere.

You will probably have a firm quotation for what you want during our meeting; certainly no more than a day later.

We are not a small sign company.  Our suppliers say that we are the largest sign company in the DFW Metroplex.  We can meet any demand, any schedule, anytime!

In addition to your personal sign consultant, your signage project will be managed by:

  • A Signage Project Manager assigned to shepherd your sign thru production and installation.  In addition to your salesperson, your Project Manager will also interface with you to keep you informed, and obtain additional information so we can quickly solve any problems that arise.
  • Our ImageKrafter™ Design Team double-checks the proportions of both the sign you approved and the installation location.  Permitting and manufacturing drawings are prepared.
  • Our sign company Master Electricians and Master Sign Electricians design the electrical portions of the sign if the sign is electrical (State Law, incidentally.)
  • A Certified Engineer designs the structural aspects of the sign.
  • Our Installation Manager reviews everything known about the installation location to verify that our manufacturing methods will allow for efficient installation at you particular location, according to what we’ve been told and what we have been able to observe.
  • Over 75,000 Signs Manufactured and InstalledA Nationally-Certified Permitting Clerk is charged with obtaining your City Permit as quickly as possible, if one is required.  Our full-time clerks training and experience proves invaluable in quickly gathering all the information necessary for City approvals.  All of the steps above contribute to the data needed to file a City Permit.
  • Our Production Manager verifies that all pertinent manufacturing information is available, then schedules production.  The more “eyes” on a project, the better!
  • Exclusive Automatic Customer Updates keep our customers informed, so they know where their sign is in production, when the permits were approved and when the sign is scheduled for install.
  • Our Shop Foreman verifies again that all pertinent manufacturing information is available, then has your sign manufactured by our shop personnel.  Again, the more “eyes” on a project, the better!
  • Quality Control putting even more “eyes” on your project, tests and verifies.  They then add either a UL Listing label or an ETL Listing label, depending on the type of electrical sign.
  • Our Installation Manager now shepherds the installation utilizing our QualityCertifiedSigns™ trained, State-licensed, technicians.

We are trained to identify and solve problems before they affect your sign’s delivery.  If problems do arise, our sign company's goal is a trouble-free experience for our customers.  Our staff can handle it!

Smaller sign companies have limited resources to dedicate to problem-solving.

Visit Our Unique Sign Showroom (includes LED Digital Signs)

Now with Live Showroom Demonstrations of Products that Improve Your Signs

All our products are on display, including our programmable LED sign options and our newest product WindowVision™.  Click here for more details on our Showroom. Or click here for details on the specific signs we manufacture.

We are constantly innovating with newer, better, more dazzling ways for you to establish your business in the eyes of your customers.

Unique in the entire sign industry, Signs Manufacturing™ built an 85’ by 50’ (over 4,000 sq ft) indoor sign lighting laboratory and showroom to help its customers decide which sign innovation is the right one for their business as well as to test the longevity, visibility, and effectiveness of all the lighted signs we manufacture.

Seeing is believing!

Don't buy a sign from a drawing, a slick website, or photo-shopped pictures, when you can actually see and compare real signs.

Guaranteed Highest Quality ... Guaranteed Lowest Price


As detailed on this website, everything will be done to make your sign look better and last longer...Guaranteed.

For your business, a positive image is everything; Quality Matters.

Signs Manufacturing™ also guarantees that our price will be the lowest price you can obtain on the products described in this website; now or anytime during the next 90 days.

If you are offered a lower price by someone else for the same sign we will match that lower price PLUS give you 10% of the difference.

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Full-Service Sign Company (Permit Filing, Manufacturing, Install, Service)

Please visit our four-building production “campus” consisting of two sets of joined buildings. (2002 satellite photo courtesy of Google Earth, 2017 commercial drone photo.)

Learn what type of entrance sign is best for you by viewing the examples in our Sign Showroom.  Your business will be better if you do.

We welcome like-for-like comparisons. If you have another quote, visit their facility and see how they operate. Then come see how we do it. If nothing else, "Google" both production facilities. We know you will be impressed with everything that we do for you!

Our factory addresses are 4540, 4550, 4560, 4610 Mint Way, Dallas, Texas 75236.

You will find that many of our competitors (some with very slick looking websites) are presenting themselves as full-service companies but in reality they are only brokers, marking up somebody else's product then reselling it to you. Frequently they don't even have so much as a storefront!

Free Factory Tour

Come and see the array of equipment and tools, and the facility dedicated to making good signs.

Contact a sales consultant to arrange a plant tour.

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Better Business Bureau A+ Rating Sign Company BBB A+ Rating

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